Apple iPhone Users, Instagram Will Now Let You Decide If You Want To See Sensitive Content

Facebook-owned instant messaging platform Instagram has announced a new feature for iPhone users called Sensitive Content Control. This new feature lets users above the age of 18 choose whether they want to see more or less sensitive content. The feature will allow users to choose between three levels of allowing/ disallowing sensitive content on the platform. Instagram, while announcing the feature, said that it is giving more control over the photos and videos users see on their Explore page. “We believe people should be able to shape Instagram into the experience that they want,” the company said.

The new Sensitive Content Control feature is available under Instagram’s settings page under Account > Sensitive Content Control. The feature allows users to choose between three options – “Allow,” “Limit,” or “Limit Even More.” With “Allow,” users may see more photos and videos that could be upsetting or offensive. “Limit” will limit offensive or upsetting content, while “Limit Even More” will show users very few sensitive posts on their Explore tab. “This new feature gives you control over sensitive content. You can decide to leave things as they are or you can adjust the Sensitive Content Control to see more or less of some types of sensitive content,” Instagram said.

Instagram said that there is one exception to this new feature – those under the age of 18 will not be shown an “Allow” option. In its effort to improve safety on the platform, Instagram also recently launched a feature called Security Checkups that gives users more control over their privacy.

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