Australia ‘continue to be ever vigilant’ after first COVID-19 case at the village

Australia 'continue to be ever vigilant' after first COVID-19 case at the village
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Australia ‘continue to be ever vigilant’ after first COVID-19 case at the village

Australia will “continue to remain vigilant” after the first positive Covid-19 case was detected at the Olympic village, according to chef de mission Ian Chesterman.

Australia is sending 487 athletes, their largest Olympic team ever, to Tokyo and the first batch of over two hundred athletes arrived at the village on Saturday.

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“We are aware, we are always aware that there could be Covid in the village. That’s why we would have the plans put in place in the village and that’s why we also obviously rely on the IOC playbook plans as well,” Chesterman said.

“So it’s something that is not unexpected that this case has arisen. We don’t get notified who it is, we don’t get notified who those close contacts are but we do continue to be ever vigilant.

“As well as the Australian playbook that was circulated to all athletes prior to their departure, all athletes and support staff are further briefed on their arrival. So the athletes are very aware that the need to comply with the strict best practice.”

Chesterman believes even though no spectators are allowed in, athletes would still be pumped to give in their best at the Olympic venues.

On how would no spectators affect swimmers, Sussie O’Neill, Deputy Chef de Mission, said: “Yeah, most athletes obviously know it is a different games. They are very grateful they are going ahead to be honest.

“No spectators particularly, I know for me personally it would’ve helped, to be honest. Someone who is a nervous competitor. But I think everyone will deal with it differently.

“They have known about this for a little while now. Would’ve been doing some visualisation with it and so I don’t imagine it will be a big problem for their performance.”

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