Engineers’ Day: Five Signs That You Were Born To Be an Engineer

Engineers build nations and mould ideas into reality. Our apartments, the spires of temples, designs of aeroplanes, computer programmes and almost everything in our sight evolve from an engineer’s brain. There are almost always some signs, right from childhood, that one is born to construct reality. Below we look at five signs that suggest an engineering career for you.

You like taking things apart

Some folks particularly love dismantling items like clocks, cell phones, radios, walkmans, or toys. If you were extra curious as a child and took apart a lot of stuff to learn about their inner workings, you might do well as an engineer. Hopefully, you didn’t swallow any such parts and gave your parents a heart attack.

You love to build stuff

You may love building sandcastles, making oddly interesting shapes with sticks and clay, your Lego bricks or Do-It-Yourself (DIY) toy sets like Mechanix. If the answer is yes, you might wear those white plastic caps one day and attend a construction site or become an inventor.

You are logical and analytical

Engineers have a meticulous thought process and problem-solving skills. They like to tackle an issue from all sides by careful examination of the details. If you love solving problems, then an engineering job might make you feel right at home.

You like maths and science

Many may start sweating at the prospect of solving a math equation, chemistry or physics formulas, but not budding engineers. Anything that requires logical deconstruction or problem-solving is their chief skill. If you are as described above, an engineering degree may do you wonders.

You are obsessed with the latest technology

Many of us like window shopping online about the latest television or laptop in the market. A budding engineer, however, is obsessed with emerging tech. They look at the parts that make the whole such as the software and hardware used, the calibration, the chipsets, et all. If you’re one of them, you might do great as an electronic engineer.

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