Happy Birthday, Hard Kaur: Listen to 6 Best Songs of Indian Rap Queen

We have seen some very brilliant artists, actresses, singers, and many prominent people make their way into the entertainment business throughout the years. One such name is Tara Kaur Dhillion, a.k.a. Hard Kaur, who created a name for herself in the profession solely by the force of her skill.

Her style was unique, she was outspoken about her beliefs, and most of all, she was the industry’s first female Indie rapper. She is the rap queen who gave us songs like Move Your Body, Talli Hua, Rola Pe Gaya, Sadda Dil Bhi Tu, and many more chart-topping hits.

Her tracks combine the excitement of underground music with the desi flavour of Punjabi music. Here are some Hard Kaur tunes that made us want to break our legs.

Char Baj Gaye (Party Abhi Baaki Hai)- F.A.L.T.U. (2011)

The song is still a young party staple and can be heard on high bass music systems. This F.A.L.T.U. tune encourages you to continue raving till the next dawn.

Bas Ek Kinng- Singh is King

This song was a smash hit that cemented Kaur’s status in the business. It was another feather in her cap.

Move Your Body- Johnny Gaddar (2007)

Johnny Gaddar’s ‘Move Your Body’ was a smashing success. It is still a chartbuster and can be heard on the audio systems of music fans all over the world.

Talli- Ugly or Pagli (2008)

Talli is another party song from her early career that further adds to her rep as a party queen.

Rola Pae Gaya- Patiala House (2011)

This Hard Kaur track contains a lot of unexpected features as well as herself acing her acting debut. You should pay attention while Hard Kaur is teaching you how to party.

Sadda Dil Vi Tu- ABCD: Anybody Can Dance (2013)

With the cinematography complimenting the beats and Hard Kaur’s high-intensity singing, this song is bound to give you chills.

You are sure to enjoy all songs by her.

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