IIM Amritsar Launches Online MBA for Professionals

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Amritsar has launched an online MBA or EMBA program for working professionals. The first batch of the EMBA program was inaugurated on June 5.  The two-year program will be conducted in a non-residential hybrid mode and consists of a curriculum created by industry professionals.

The first batch of the EMBA comprises 40 working professionals with experience ranging from 3 to 20 plus years and are from prominent organisations in various sectors like BFSI, IT, Consulting, Hospitality, Retailing, Media & Entertainment and many more.

Regular interactions with industry experts will make the candidates more beneficial for their current organisation. The class discussions will be recorded for reviewing the key points later.

“Some students responded that besides safety, another big advantage of doing the EMBA programme at IIM Amritsar is the availability of class discussions as recordings for reviewing the key points later,” read the official press release by IIM Amritsar.

The online inaugural ceremony was attended by Suresh Kumar, Chief Principal Secretary to Chief Minister of Punjab, Sanjay Gupta, Chairman, BoG of IIM Amritsar, Prof Nagarajan Ramamoorthy, Director, IIM Amritsar and Prof Mahima Gupta, Chairperson MBA.

The program was regarded as daunting since it would take up the weekends and the regular weekdays, which would be spent working for their respective organisations, said Prof Sanjay Gupta during the inauguration. Hence, he urged the students to balance their work and academic lives with their personal lives to spend ample time with their families.

Prof Ramamoorthy said that several professionals face the dilemma of choosing educational opportunities over stable jobs. However, with this program, the working professionals would get the best of both worlds and asserted that the program rigor would be the same as a regular MBA program.

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