India Plays An Important Role In Apple’s Record Revenue For Q3 2021

Apple has announced a June quarter record revenue of $81.4 billion, which is 36 percent higher year on year. All the product and services lines for Apple, including the Apple iPhone, iPad, Mac as well as wearables including Apple Watch and HomePod saw increased revenue year on year. Apple has repprted $21.7 billion in net income, which is 93 percent higher than the same quarter in 2020. Sales also grew across the iPhone, Mac, iPad, wearables, home and accessories as well as the services including Apple Music and iCloud. India has played an important role for Apple as the company has set June quarter record revenue.

“We set a new June quarter revenue record of $81.4 billion, up 36% from last year, and the vast majority of markets we tracked grew double digits, with especially strong growth in emerging markets, including India, Latin America and Vietnam, said Tim Cook, CEO of Apple. he talked about June quarter records in countries including Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Turkey, UAE, Poland and Czech Republic. “Those results are for the entire line of products that we have. And keep in mind, we still do have SE in the line. We launched it a year ago, but it’s still in the line today and is sort of our entry price point. And so I’m pleased with how all of them are doing and I think we need sort of that range of price points to accommodate the types of people that we want to accommodate,” he added.

The Apple iPhone sales, which includes the iPhone 12 series and the iPhone SE which Tim Cook specifically referred to as well, clocked $39.5 billion in net sales, which is up from $26.4 billion compared with June last year. The Mac sales have certainly reaped the rewards from the excitement around the Apple M1 chip upgrade, clocking $8.2 billion in net sales, which is up from $7 billion last year in the same quarter. Services in particular continues to grow, up from 13.1 billion in the same quarter in 2020 to $17.4 billion this time around.

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