Pride Month 2021: History, Significance and All You Need to Know About the LGBTQ Movement

The LGBTQ+ community has fought a long battle for their right to live a dignified life. Therefore, every year in June, the world celebrates Pride month in honor of community members who have been through various obstacles in life and have come a long way. It also showcases how far gay rights have come, and what all is yet to achieve.

This month is about teaching acceptance, educating pride history, and above all, love. Several campaigns and drives are held to educate people about how damaging homophobia can be.

Why do we celebrate Pride month?

The 1969 Stonewall Riots worked as a catalyst for the Pride movement. Earlier, American Constitution had banned homosexuality, and police would often raid queer bars and harass their community in one of the bars. Greenwich Village’s Stonewall Inn was one such target of New York police.

But on June 28, 1969,tired of daily atrocities, the entire queer community fought back and gave a befitting reply to those in power. The protest went on for several days and support poured in from various corners of the world. This fight brought a revolutionary change in the world.

In the very same year, the first official Pride parade was carried out to mark the anniversary of Stonewall Riots and the since then, it became a tradition. Many credit the Stonewall riots for the rights the LGBTQ+ community possesses today.

How is Global Pride Day 2021?

Global Pride Day every year is celebrated on June 28. Colorful parades, concerts, and marches are held across the world to celebrate this day. But since the country is still fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, the celebration might take place virtually.

LGBTQ community and other allies have been fighting to get equal right to start families, to get married, adopt children, fight discrimination, hate speech, and the right to simply exist as they are.

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