Put Phone On Silent, Create Mood: Easy Ways To Take Your Virtual Dating Experience To The Next Level

Dating during the pandemic has become increasingly challenging. While many individuals in relationships have had reduced face-to-face time with their significant other, those hoping to find new love have had very limited choices. The prospect of restaurant visits and movie dates cannot still be entertained without the considerable fear of the dreaded virus. Therefore, many urban couples have been forced to make their dates online.

However, it is perhaps needless to say; online dates are barely half as interesting as real ones. The patchy WIFI network regularly causes screen freeze, and half the conversation is just a repetition of what you had already said. Moreover, the physical distance between two people is not always easy to bridge, even if you have the best technology. But, don’t lose heart. There are many ways to elevate your dating experience. Here are some simple tips for you to make your virtual dating experience exciting:

Treat Your Online Date Like A Real One

Since you must be already video calling your partner every single day, it is essential to make sure that both of you are on the same page while organizing a date night. Please save the date and time you want to have your rendezvous with your significant other and treat it like an actual date. Create the mood by lighting some candles, and cleaning your room (at least the portion that would be visible on screen), and even get yourself something delicious to eat while you talk to your partner online.

Put On The Do Not Disturb Sign

Dates are always intimate experiences during which two people spend time with one another. Therefore, even for your virtual date, keep things private. Before you start, make sure you choose a place where your family or roommates will not barge in. It is also essential to indeed be present and pay attention to your partner. Therefore, put your phone on silent mode, and keep it away, and for whatever time you have both discussed to have this date online, truly commit to being there and listening to one another.


To reflect that your date is special, you must show up as you would on an actual date. For a start, a good outfit will elevate your confidence and already put you in a good mood before the date begins, but it will also show your partner that you are willing to put in effort. Also, good outfits always call for compliments, and let’s face it we can all use some compliments as we sit holed up in our homes, without any socialising.

Create New Experiences

Do not just talk to each other but instead do something fun and just like you would do activities in real life, try to do something new online as well. For example, you can recreate a good movie experience and share it on your screen. You can also spice it up by playing games. At this point, no one knows for sure when this pandemic will end, so it is important to create new memories as a couple and not wait for things to get back to normal.

Be patient with Yourself and Others

If it is a new relationship or first date with an unknown person whom you met online, try to make the other person comfortable. It is okay to have awkward silences. However, take your time to foster your connection before taking the leap. Getting to know each other by asking questions is always a good idea. Message each other before doing a virtual date to help in building a connection. There’s no time like the present to dial it back and relearn slow dating.

Don’t Lose Patience

There can be technical snags and connection losses which can make you lose your patience. However, these can be moments that have the potential to be exciting stories you share with each other in the future. So, keep your cool, have fun and stay patient.

Try Not To Talk About Coronavirus The Entire Time

Over the last year, coronavirus has become a hot topic of discussion. As a result, it can sometimes feel impossible not to make small talk about issues around the virus.

While it is obvious to talk about this world-changing event during a part of your date, do not let it dominate the rest of your conversation. Not only can this be mentally taxing for you both, but it can also hamper your date. It would help if you spent time learning about each other instead. This topic might inevitably arrive at some point, but do not linger on it for the entire time.

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