Twitter Verification Process Resumes After a Brief Halt: How to Get the Blue Tick

Twitter has resumed the verification process that lets users apply to get a blue tick or badge on their profile. The new phase of verification started on May 21, which was paused abruptly earlier this week to review all requests. The social media giant has remained quite inconsistent with opening up verification channels as it receives tons of requests for the exclusive of the blue tick. Twitter resumed the verification process early this year, nearly after a three-year gap. The company explains that the verified blue badge lets people know that an account of public interest is authentic. It adds that the profile “must be authentic, notable, and active” for eligibility. There are several ways to verify your profile to Twitter to prove authenticity. However, the process differs slightly based on the profession or line of work.

To understand the verification process for the blue badge, here are some basics. Twitter says that under ‘notable,’ accounts eligible for verification should be cited by an established organisation, company or body. Under ‘authentic’, users must fulfil the basic list of criteria that includes a profile photo, a valid bio, and other basic details. Finally, under ‘active,’ the account is required to be active in the past six months. Eligible users are also required to have a confirmed email address and phone number and also must not have violated any of Twitter’s community guidelines within the past six months. The list of user categories that will be eligible for verification on Twitter this time include governments and government officials, news organisations and journalists, companies, brands and organisations, entertainment organisations and individuals, sports teams, organisations and personalities, activists, organisers and “influential individuals,” and for the first time, scientists, academics and religious leaders. Interested readers can find in-depth analysis here.

If your account qualifies basis the above points, you should keep a lookout for the account verification option to appear in your account settings. Once it appears, you can tap on it to begin the process. Select the appropriate category that you fall under, supply a government-issued identity document, and hit submit. Twitter states that after you submit, it will take anywhere between one week and 30 days to get a response. The response from Twitter will arrive in your email inbox, but if you do get verified, you should see the blue tick automatically appear on your profile.

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