World Chess Day 2021: History, Significance and Inspiring Chess Quotes

On July 20 the International Chess Federation commemorates World Chess Day, which was created in 1924 by the Federation Internationale des Echecs (FIDES). World Chess Day encourages more people to play and enjoy the game. Chess is a strategic board game in which two players compete to capture the other’s king on a 64-square checkerboard. Chess is a popular activity among adults and children alike.

World Chess Day: History

Chess was created in India around the fifth century. It was given the name “Chaturanga” at first. Without a doubt, this is one of the era’s earliest games. Later, the game moved to Persia, and when the Arabs invaded Persia, chess became an important part of the Muslim population’s existence, and it spread to Southern Europe from there.

Chess took on its modern shape in Europe during the 15th century. By the late 15th century, it had evolved into a contemporary sport, and it is today a popular sport. Chess competitions are held all around the world, with fresh and interesting variations.

In addition, the game’s time system was created in 1861, along with strict regulations. FIDE, often known as the World Chess Foundation, was founded on July 20, 1924, at the ninth Summer Olympic Games in Paris, France. International Chess Day was established on July 20, 1966, to commemorate FIDE’s founding.

The concept of celebrating International Chess Day on July 20th was presented by UNESCO. The first modern chess tournament was conducted in London in 1851, and it was won by German Adolf Andersen. Chess competitions are now contested all over the world.

Quotes about Chess

In life, as in chess, forethought wins.” – Charles Buxton

“It is my style to take my opponent and myself on to unknown grounds. A game of chess is not an examination of knowledge; it is a battle of nerves.” – David Bronstein

“Chess doesn’t drive people mad; it keeps mad people sane.” – Bill Hartston

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