Bigg Boss 15 wild card Rashami Desai says Pratik Sehajpal is repeating his BB OTT antics | EXCLUSIVE

Rashami Desai bigg boss 15 wildcard

Rashami Desai


  • Rashami Desai will enter the show as wild card contestant along with Devoleena, Abhijit Bhichukale
  • Rashami was earlier seen in Bigg Boss 13 and became the 3rd runner up of the season
  • In a freewheeling chat with India TV, Rashami shared what she has learned from her previous season

Rashami Desai has been one of the most notable Bigg Boss contestants. The actress who’s popular for being a part of shows like Uttaran and Dil Se Dil Tak, caught much spotlight in her season Bigg Boss 13. Since then, she has been a recurring guest on the Salman Khan hosted show. The audience will soon see her in Bigg Boss 15 as a wildcard contestant along with Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Abhijit Bichukale.

At present, the actress is in quarantine following COVID norms. Before entering the BB house, she spoke to India TV and shared her observations about fellow contestants and how she doesn’t want to repeat certain things from her Bigg Boss season. While the actress is excited to enter the show, she is also nervous about it. 

“I won’t say wow or something, because entering the BB house is like going for an exam. So I’m nervous and happy at the same time,” she said.

The actress is arriving with a prepared mindset this season. “I have learnt from my mistakes but I might make more and repeat the old ones. But whenever I feel I am going wrong I will apologise. But If someone hurts my self-respect, I will not bend down even if the world comes to me and tries to convince me, I won’t listen,” she said brimming with confidence.  

Rashami Desai has been closely scrutinising the reality show and has remarkable insights about the contestants. When asked about Pratik Sehajpal and his game, the actress said, “I like Pratik as a person, people enjoy his presence. The only problem is whenever he plays a game he doesn’t go by the rules but sees loopholes. I also do that sometimes, but I have done this and know the repercussions. I just feel that he’s done the same things in OTT then why he’s repeating them in Bigg Boss 15, and other times his arguments don’t make sense to me. There’s a good quality about him that he stands for what is right, even if he’s not friends with someone.”

Further, talking about Rajiv Adatia, Rashami said she feels sad about how he’s treated inside the house. “Rajiv Adatia is so cute, there will hardly be some people who won’t like him,” she remarked adding, “He’s very sweet and I feel bad how he’s treated by the housemates. Also, I feel whenever somebody goes close to him, Shamita Shetty becomes a little anti. I don’t know what’s her problem.” 

However, she doesn’t deem Shamita as someone who’s swaying Rajiv’s game. “He is a mature person and knows how to tackle situations. Sometimes he doesn’t give it back thinking the other might feel bad, but he knows what he needs to do. Eventually, he will take a stand for him.”

Rashami believes having Devoleena by her side will be a genuine comfort. “She is definitely going to be my support. We are good friends and we know each other well. I won’t let her do anything wrong, but even if she does, we will talk. There might be a situation when she couldn’t understand me, we’ll have clashes but I will not leave her. We won’t betray one another and after a task ends we would like to have each other’s company,” the actress shared.

Rashami attests that pre-preparation or devising anything is of no merit in Bigg Boss. “You cannot plan or strategise things in this show,” she quipped, explaining, “It is your journey and Bigg Boss who decides things for you. If you do well you stay in the game, if you don’t the audience will show you your place.”

Meanwhile, there is a robust competition going on between contestants in Bigg Boss 15. At the moment, Jay Bhanusali, Shamita Shetty, Rajiv Adatia Vishal Kotian, Nishant Bhat, Pratik Sehajpal, Neha Bhasin, Karan Kundrra, Tejaswi Prakash, Umar Riaz and Simba Nagpal are fighting to secure their place in the top 5.

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