Here’s Why Dating a Married Man is Not a Good Idea

Although dating a married guy might give you a sense of adrenaline rush, these relationships seldom end well. What begins as a pleasurable distraction may quickly turn into emotional trauma for you and your married partner. What follows is a nasty divorce and a heartbroken family. Even if your married partner divorces their spouse, bitterness and distrust from the past might destroy your relationship.

Consider this: The married man you’re seeing is cheating on his wife. This is one of the most serious risks of dating a married man since it suggests that he has a proclivity for dishonesty. Here are some cons of dating a married man:

You will never be his first priority

In a relationship with a married guy, you will always feel secondary, or at least that is how it will seem. He may swear lifelong devotion to you and declare that you are his true love and life. However, instead of these exaggerated remarks, consider his actions.

You will be the talk of the town

One of the most difficult aspects of dating a married man is coping with the never-ending, often vicious gossip. Whether you meet this man at the office or through a colleague, people’s tongues will wag once they discover your relationship.

He will never make himself available to you

As a husband and father, he will spend most of his leisure time with his family. You’ll be pressing him for an hour here or a text message there. You’ll never be his first priority. During holidays and vacations, he might disappear from your life, without even responding to your messages.

You will have to lie

One of the most serious risks of dating a married man is maintaining your relationship as a secret. All of the secrecy and frequent lying might lead you to believe that dating a married man is a sin. Even if your feelings for each other are real, the covert nature of your connection will cause you to feel guilty, which will suffocate you in the long run.

You will go on guilt trips

Even if you and your partner develop a connection, you could be the one who continues to have guilt trips. Why? Simply because you are in a serious relationship with a man who has a wife and a family. On some level, you will consider how you are harming both his wife and yourself.

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