Medicine from sky! Meghalaya govt hires Gurugram start-up to deliver lifesaving drugs through drones


The drone delivery technology, Vikram Singh Meena, founder of TechEagle said, ensures consistent, safe, and reliable distribution of lifesaving drugs.

The Meghalaya government will soon begin delivery of medicines via drone. The government said that it will help in reaching remote areas where people have to travel long or wait for medicines. 

It will ease the delivery of lifesaving drugs and improve the lives of citizens. The move is aimed at transforming the healthcare supply chain for a hard-to-reach population.

“This is a very unique project. We all know what great technology can do but to be able to use it for the benefit of the citizens of the state, something which is so meaningful to the people. Here the technology has been used for a very good cause. We look forward to using the technology in the long run,” Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma said.

The CM added that in future, the government will plan to use the technology in agriculture and other allied sectors.

TechEagle, a Gurugram based DeepTech start-up drone, will offer its services to the government to help it deliver medicines. The company is currently building a drone logistic Airline to carry out the country’s first hybrid e-VTOL Drone delivery of lifesaving medicines.

The company said that it recently delivered the lifesaving drugs successfully to a 25 km distance in less than 25 minutes in Maweit. The drone can fly at a speed of 90 kmph. The drone delivery technology, Vikram Singh Meena, founder of TechEagle said, ensures consistent, safe and reliable distribution of lifesaving drugs.

“Aerial routes are the best possible way to access hard-to-reach places in hilly terrains of northeast. The technology will solve grassroot problems faced by citizens living in the remote areas. We have reduced delivery time from 4 hours to 25 minutes. e-VTOL drone technology is going to leave a huge impact to enable better healthcare in the remotest parts of the world,” Meena said.

Hybrid e-VTOLs are Vertical Take-Off & Landing Vehicles that take off vertically like a helicopter and transform themselves into fixed-wing mode for travelling longer distances with higher speed, and when they reach the delivery locations, transforms back to helicopter mode to land accurately which makes it efficient to use in diverse terrains.

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