Telegram Will Now Allow Group Chat Admins to Limit Forwarding Messages, Screenshots

Telegram is rolling out a new update that brings a bunch of new updates that include tools to prevent others from saving content in groups and channels. Users are also getting the ability to delete messages from specific dates and “new ways to manage your connected devices.” As always, Telegram users with Android and iOS phones are advised to keep their app updated to enjoy new features. The company shared the latest development in a blog.

Starting with tools for groups and channels, admins can now restrict forwarding chat, prevent screenshots and limit the ability to save media files. To change users’ ability to forward messages, admins need to open their Group or Channel Info page > Group / Channel Type > Restrict Saving Content. Similarly, users now have “e complete control over their digital footprint and can delete any messages from a conversation at any time.” The feature can be particularly useful to delete content from a specific date on any one-on-one chat. To open the calendar, tap the date bar that pops up as you scroll through the chat – then choose which days to clear. Apart from this, users have the existing options to use ephemeral messages that delete chats automatically after a specific period.

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Additionally, the improved connected device management tool will allow users to quickly link a desktop device and a setting to automatically log out inactive devices after some time. Tap any device in the list to view more information and toggle whether it can accept calls or new Secret Chats.

Other new features include Anonymous Posting in Public Groups to appear as a channel when sending messages in select group chats. Users can use this by tapping on the profile picture next to the message bar and choosing one of your channels. Telegram explains, “the messages you send after that will appear with the name and photo of the channel instead of your personal account.” For Android users, Telegram has introduced a new theme that reached iOS users recently.

On iOS 13 and above, Recognition (Live Text) is enabled for photos in Telegram chats, allowing you to quickly select, copy and search without touching your keyboard. Apple also introduced this feature on the native camera app but is available for newer iPhones. iOS 15 users are also getting updated info pages with a new look to match the phone’s aesthetics.

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